Our beer selection starts with CJ’s standards, a selection of our very own fresh brewed draft beers.​​​​​​

CJ’s Golden Lager

A light American style golden beer with a crisp, clean hop finish and aroma. 4.2% ABV

Vat 33 I.P.A.

This is an American style IPA that’s heavily hopped. Orange in color with a citrus hop bitterness and nose from the Amarillo and Cascade hops. 6.6% ABV

Rich-Hagg Red

Amber or red in color, this beer offers a nice balance of sweet malt hightlights and medium hop finish. 5.8% ABV

Lower Straits Stout

A full-bodied American stout, this beer is a blend of roast chocolate and black malts with an addition of baker’s chocolate, topped off with a creamy head. 6.4% ABV