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2024 Graduation Ceremonies

Every year USA Hockey Arena hosts a number of special events, including local high school graduation ceremonies. 

This year's upcoming ceremonies are listed to the right.



  • All bags (including cross-body bags, clear bags, purses and fanny packs) are prohibited from being brought into USA Hockey Arena. Medical exceptions will be addressed on a case-by-case basis while entering the arena. Patrons requiring necessary items (diaper bags, medical prescriptions, etc.) are subject to a full bag check before entering the seating area. 
  • Guests carrying a prohibited bag will NOT be permitted inside the arena. Fans will need to return their bags to their vehicles before entering USA Hockey Arena.
  • Approved Bags & Items Include:
    • Medical Bags
    • Childcare and/or Diaper Bags
    • ADA-specific bags
    • Cell Phones and Pagers
    • Blankets
  • Bag Inspection Process
    • Upon arrival at USA Hockey Arena, all fans will undergo a security before entering the rink. If you have an acceptable bag, it will be subject to a thorough inspection from security at USA Hockey Arena. Please refer to the acceptable bags above. Any other bags and backpacks are NOT permitted inside the rink. 


  • All seats are general admission entry and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Please refer to the above Bag Policy on what is and is not allowed to be brought in.


  • Carpooling is suggested as parking at the Arena can be limited.
  • There is absolutely no tailgating allowed in the USA Hockey Arena parking lot
  • Right turn only when exiting out the north side of the parking lot

Graduation Ceremonies

School Date Time Doors
Redford 5/29/2024 7pm 6pm
Franklin 5/30/2024 7pm 530PM
Stevenson 5/31/2024 7pm 530PM
Churchill 6/2/2024 12pm 11AM
Northville 6/2/2024 6pm 430PM
Thurston 6/5/2024 630pm 530pm
Crestwood 6/6/2024 6pm 5pm
South Lyon 6/8/2024 12pm 11AM
South Lyon East 6/8/2024 4pm 3PM
North Farmington 6/9/2024 10am 8am
Farmington 6/9/2024 2pm  




Commencement FAQs

  1. Can we buy a suite to use during commencements?
    1. No the Suites are not for sale
  2. Do you have wheelchairs available for use?
    1. No we do not offer any wheelchairs for use
  3. Do you have valet parking?
    1. No we do not offer valet parking. We have two drop off/pickup options. One is located at the west entrance (bridge) and one is located at the north entrance (flag pole)
  4. Do you have handicap parking?
    1. Yes our handicap parking is located on the north side of the building (flag pole entrance)
  5. Do you have handicap seating?
    1. Yes we have handicap specific seating areas as well as bench seating that requires no steps along the top row. First come first serve
  6. Will concessions be available?
    1. Yes we will have a limited menu available at our concession stands
  7. Do you offer any gifts or flowers for sale?
    1. Yes we will have Vanessa’s Flowers on site
  8. Can we make reservations at CJ’s?
    1. Yes you can make reservations, but reservations are limited and on a first come first serve basis
  9. Where can meet your student after the ceremony?
    1. You can meet them outside of the building on the north side (flag pole)
  10. Can we save seats?
    1. No. You may enter the arena when the doors open at the designated time for each school
  11. Can I bring my own folding/lose chair?
    1. No we do not allow folding/lose chairs inside the arena