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Arena Parking

North Plaza Entrance Temporarily Closed

AS OF 1/5/23

Over the past several months we have been working on building improvements on the north side of the arena. We will be temporarily closing the North entrance including access to the stairs, the plaza and the ramp adjacent to the building temporarily.

We understand that this will be inconvenient for our guests and customers, especially those who are reliant on the handicapped parking.  To help navigate this short-term challenge, we are providing these suggestions to our USA Hockey Arena guests.

If you are Attending a Team USA Game:

During home Team USA Games, the circular bridge driveway facing Beck Road will be closed to the general public beginning at 4pm.

For our Team USA fans needing assistance, this driveway will be solely dedicated to assist those who require better accessibility for drop-off and pick-up. The parking spots located on the bridge will also be reserved only for fans who require close proximity and easier accessibility to the building.

All Team USA fans can park anywhere in the main lot off of Beck Road and walk up the sideway on the main bridge driveway.

The side and back parking lot are available to you, but you will still be required to walk around to the front of the building and up the sidewalk on the main bridge driveway  

As always, the back door entrance to the arena will remain closed. Employees with ID may enter through the back door.

All Other Customers Coming to the Arena:

If you coming to the rink for youth hockey games or practices, CC games and practices, skating sessions, ice rentals, eating at CJ’s Brewery or visiting the Pro Shop, you can park anywhere in the main lot off of Beck Road and walk up the sideway on the main bridge driveway.

We are asking that you please utilize the circular bridge driveway for drop off and pick up ONLY. We are asking to keep this space and parking spots open for our guests physically needing close accessibility.  Please be courteous to those who need closer parking and do not park on the bridge unless you or your family require this.

The rear entrance to the building will remain open during this time for those utilizing GVN.

Thank you for being patient with us while we continue to improve USA Hockey Arena for the future.