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Youth Hockey at the USA Hockey Arena




Hannah McGowan
USA Hockey Arena Program Coordinator
734.453.6400 ext. 339

Upcoming season: September 11, 2021 - March 27, 2022

Mini-Mites: $700

- Saturdays and Sundays

Mites: $700

- Saturdays and Sundays

Squirts: $1400

- Saturdays and Sundays

PeeWee: $1750

- Saturdays and Sundays

New Player/Returning Player Registration:

1) Register at

- Follow Registration Packet Here

2) Copy of Birth Certificate to Verify DOB

3) Email Confirmation Receipt

4) First payment

League Cost Includes:

Ice Time, Referee Fees, League Fees, & Jerseys

2021-22 Tier 3

8U Q-and-A: Why the Blue Puck?

By Ken Martel, ADM Technical Director


A: USA Hockey uses the 4-ounce blue puck at 8U in order to allow these young players to develop proper technique in passing, shooting and stickhandling.

At this age, teaching proper technique through the use of age-appropriate equipment is critical to skill development. Lighter-weight blue pucks, along with the correct stick, help players build confidence and avoid frustration by being able to lift the puck, score goals, complete firm tape-to-tape passes, etc. The blue puck allows players to perform basic puck control skills through a proper range of motion.

One of the highlights for any young hockey player is learning to lift the puck when shooting. With the heavier black puck, young players tend to try and flip it so that it will rise off the ice. This circumvents learning the correct shooting technique. The blue puck is at a weight that encourages good shooting technique while allowing the player to successfully raise it off the ice.

2021-2022 Season

Please use the link below to complete registration steps


Contact the main office at USA Hockey Arena Office at 734-453-6400

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