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Weather Policy & Rules


The Summer Drive-In reserves the right to cancel due to bad weather. Customers will receive “rain check” passes for purchased tickets only for cancellations before or during the first movie and not the second movie. USA Hockey Arena will take all precautions to ensure the safety of our guests. High winds that compromise the equipment and any lightning will cause the drive-in to close. The weather policy is at the discretion of the drive-in movie manager on duty.

Prohibited Actions & Items

Honking horns, barbeques, open fires, alcohol, wandering into wetlands and/or wooded areas are not allowed.

Headlights should be dimmed upon entry to the theatres. Once tickets are purchased for movies, please note that “theatre jumping” is prohibited.

Driving vehicles to the concession stand and the restrooms is not allowed; please walk to these locations. Walking to or near the wooded or wetland area’s is strictly prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring food to the drive-in?
There is a convenient concession trailer centrally located in the parking lot between featuring your favorite movie snacks including ice cold pop, popcorn, candy, hot dogs, pizza and more. Cash, Visa, Discover, and MasterCards accepted. You can also dine-in, carry-out or order food for delivery right to your car from CJ’s Brewing Company (734.453.4455) right on site. No alcohol is permitted.

How do we hear the movie when we are there?
Tune your radio to a specific FM channel (information provided at the theatre). The best way to listen is to bring a portable radio to set next to your lawn chairs or if you’re worried about your car battery dying.

How early can we arrive?
The gates and the ticket booths to the drive-in open at 7:30pm. Movies start at dusk.

Is there space for kids to play catch?
Yes, we have lots of room for the kids to play catch – but please be considerate to other movie goers.

Oversized Vehicles & Parking Policy

SUV’s, VANS, Crossovers, FULL-SIZED TRUCKS, or any other vehicle deemed over-sized by Summer Drive-In staff are NOT ALLOWED to park in the designated “Cars Only” area. Higher profile vehicles must be parked toward the back of the theatre. Cars in the "cars only" section are not allowed to have their trunks/hatchbacks open. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All vehicles will be asked to pull up to the designated white lines. Chairs may be set up on the other side of the line.

Guests may not sit on top of their vehicles. For safety reasons, we cannot allow customers to sit on the roofs or hoods of their vehicles. Truck beds are OK.

More Information

Personal Damage – The Summer Drive-in Theatre at USA Hockey Arena is not responsible for any damage that may occur to personal vehicles or property while on the premises. The Drive-In is also not liable for any property found missing or stolen while on the premises.

Cameras – Still Video – For all movies, the use of any camera or audio recording device are strictly prohibited. Guests who are found in violation of this policy will be ejected without refund.

Alcohol Management – The open consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Patrons abusing this policy will be issued a citation and prosecuted. Guests who appear to be visibly intoxicated will not be allowed entrance to the Drive-in.

Re-admission Policy – Guests may not leave the USA Hockey Arena Drive-in Theatre and re-enter during any movie.