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Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips for a Great Night at the Drive-In

Tip #1:  Come Hungry!

Be sure to stop in at CJ’s Brewery for a meal and a drink before your movie or get your order delivered to your screen

Tip #2:  Pick Your Movie

Check out the Summer Drive-In social media page or call our hotline at 734-927-3284 for up to date showing 

Tip #3:  Don’t Forget Your Radio

Audio for films at the Summer Drive-In will be broadcast over FM waves so be sure to pack a radio that can pick up an FM frequency

Tip #4:  Dress For the Weather

Be sure to check the weather before coming out to the Summer Drive-In and be prepared for the night time temperatures

Tip #5:  Get Here Early

Gates open to the public at 7:30 pm so be sure to get here early so you can get the best spot to watch the movie and have time to get setup and relax

Tip #6:  Check Out Concessions

Our concession stand has a wide-variety of snacks, candy, and soft drinks to enjoy during the movie

Tip #7:  Bring Bug Spray

Pesky insects can be bothersome once the sun goes down so be sure to come prepared with bug spray.

Tip #8:  Run Your Car Periodically

If you plan to listen to the movie on your car radio be sure to turn your engine on periodically throughout the movie to avoid your car battery dying

Tip #9:  Get Comfortable

Be sure to bring lawn chairs, pillows, or whatever else you need to get comfortable and enjoy the movie

Tip #10:  Follow Us On Social Media

Be sure to follow the Summer Drive-In on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for movie showings, weather updates, and special giveaways